Cashew Shelling Machine

1. Patented world-unique cashew shelling machine that simulates the manual shelling process. Photoelectric control helps to realize automatic feeding and shelling.
2. High shelling rate: 98%
3. High rate of unbroken kernels: 96%
4. High capacity: 15kgs/h
5. Zero labor cost: no manual work is required

Cashew Nut Dryer

1. Steam as the heat source realizes lower costs and easier maintenance of automatic cashew kernel dryer.
2. Our automatic raw cashew dryer can carry out multi-functions, including drying, cooling, re-drying and sterilizing.
3. This automatic cashew nut dryer enjoys strong capacity of over 6tons per hour.
4. Multiple trays to ensure the cashews evenly heated.
5. Dust exhaust unit is designed to remove fine dust in the material.

Cashew Separator

By utilizing our cashew separator, you can enjoy automatic reparation of shells and kernels through multiple channels. Despite this, you can also benefit from the following merits of our cashew piece separator:
1. Separation by vibration - the frequency of vibration is adjustable to prevent the kernels from being damaged.
2. Multiple channels - 5 channels are available to separate unshelled (half-shelled) cashews, shells, kernels, broken shells and broken kernels.
3. High production - over 1.5tons/hour