About SS01 Automatic Cashew Shelling Machine

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Q: SS01 automatic shelling machine is driven by what kind of power?
A: We use 10PH air compressor to provide power for this shelling machine. We suggest divide 40 machines into one group, and a group consumes only5m3air.

Q: How does SS01 automatic shelling machine work?
A: SS01 uses cylinder with high frequency and special tool to remove the shells of cashews. It is designed with photoelectric switches and specific programs to realize fast shelling. The shelling speed can be controlled to ensure high production.

Q: What’s the design principle and advantages of SS01 automatic shelling machine?
A: SS01 machine uses photoelectric program control and single-channel shelling operation to simulate manual operation. This can realize high shelling rate, high full kernel rate, high production and low labor costs. But some shelling machines in the market work through mechanical extrusion, which have low shelling rate and full kernel rate.

Here is the data:

Shelling Speed (kg/hour)

Shelling Rate

Full Kernel Rate

Production per Hour (kg)

Output Ratio

Other Brand

35 (raw cashews)


18 (raw cashews)
Note: data comes from ourGhanaclient Mim Cashew & Agricultural Products Ltd. Please see the Case page to check the client’s information.

As it shows, our SS01 automatic shelling machine enjoys both high production and high output ratio.

Q: Does SS01 have any humanized design?
A: SS01 is designed with function of easily changing the cutting tool and automatic alarm when the machine lacks of materials to facilitate operation.

Q: Is it convenient to carry out daily operation and maintenance for SS01 automatic shelling machine?
A: It’s easy to operate and maintain this machine. One worker can operate around 40 machines. For the maintenance, you just need to change the wear parts such as cutting tool.

About SS06/SS07 Automatic Cashew (Cashew Nuts or Kernels) Dryer

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Q: What the drying capacity of this SS06/SS07 automatic cashew dryer, and is this capacity adjustable?
A: SS06/SS07 can dry over 6tons of cashews per hour. We can adjust its drying capacity according to your demands.

Q: What are the advantages of SS06/SS07 automatic cashew dryer?
A: SS06/SS07 uses constant temperature heating and circular conveyor belt to ensure excellent drying effect and high drying efficiency.

Q: Is it convenient to carry out daily operation and maintenance for SS06/SS07 automatic drying machine?
A: It’s easy to operate this machine. You just need to keep the temperature constant. As for daily maintenance, you just need to check the belt in your daily operation, and if it’s broken, please just change the broken part. The maintenance cost is quite low.

About SS10 Cashew (Cashew Nuts or Kernels) Separator

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Q: Is SS10 cashew separator really efficient in separating cashew nuts, kernels and shells?
A: SS10 adopts multi-channel separation and adjustable vibration frequency to effectively separate cashews nuts, kernels, half-shelled cashews, broken kernels and broken shells.

Q: Are kernels separated by SS10 safe enough for people to eat?
A: SS10 cashew separator is made of 304 stainless steel, which completely complies with food processing requirements.

Q: Is the capacity of SS10 cashew separator fixed or adjustable?
A: Its capacity can be adjusted according to your specific requirements.

About the Whole Solution

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Q: Do you have a whole solution if we want to buy SS01 automatic shelling machine, SS06/SS07 automatic cashew dryer and SS10 cashew separator?
A: We can provide a whole solution for our customers to realize the drying, shelling, separating and re-drying of cashews. For more details, please contact our sales person, who will provide the best service for you.